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Buddha Nature: A Teaching of NonDuality

by on November 12, 2013

For us in the 21st century, how do we work with the Buddha nature teaching and non-duality?  Key words are “oneness,” “inseparable.” Let’s translate that into everyday activity.

Here’s a scenario:  We are leading a meeting and someone interrupts us, taking control of the meeting. In our mind we see the thoughts arise, some negative towards that person.  At some point we mentally return to meeting and take back control of the discussion.  After the meeting we see our negative thoughts repeated about the person who took control.   At this point can you stop the repetitive negative thoughts with awareness that dispels hindrance, noticing dislike or aversion?  Can you observe your resistance to letting go of those negative thoughts?  Can you next let go of the resistance, knowing that you too had a part in the meeting.   What was it?  In other words, what did the takeover “depend on”?  Can you return to center acknowledging that there is no separation between self and other?   What form would your self-talk take?


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