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by on March 18, 2014


“Just Sitting in the Timeless Spring
279. Dharma Hall Discourse on the First Day of the Ninth Month [1248]
Sit on your cushions and think beyond thinking; play vividly and energetically, and don’t be fooled by any demonic spirits. The old monk abiding on this mountain swallows buddhas and living beings with one gulp. The crouching lion catches rabbits and enraged elephants with one swipe of his paw. Smashing the polished tile of trying to become a buddha by sitting as buddha, laugh and destroy the net of doubts of the three vehicles and five vehicles. Completely avoid following others in order to realize the way and clarify the mind. Why should we fear the upside down illusions related to “It [is exactly me,] I [am not it]”?

For a long time, [those with such illusions] have put aside directly pointing and simply transmitting, and they only receive falsehoods derived from [mere] echoes. Do you want to completely understand the principle I am discussing?

After a pause Dogen said: The five-peteled flower opens in the timeless spring. The Single circle of the moon is white in the dawn sky.”

Dogen’s Extensive Record, trans. Leighton & Okumura, p. 267


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