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350. Dharma Hall Discourse

I can remember, a monk asked Zhaozhou, “Does a dog have Buddha nature or not?

Zhaozhou said, “No.”

The monk asked, “All living beings have Buddha nature, why doesn’t the dog?”

Zhaozhou said, “Because it has karmic consciousness.”

The teacher Dogen said: Zhaozhou said it like this for the sake of this person, and was most kind. However, if someone asked me, “Does a dog have Buddha nature or not?” I would say to him: Whether you say yes or no, either one is slander.

If the person were to ask “What?” at the very moment of his speaking he would be hit with my stick.”


Dogen’s Extensive Record, Translated by Taigen Dan Leighton & Shohaku Okumura p. 301


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