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by on October 25, 2014
Autumn in Grass Script and English

“Autumn” in Grass Script and English

Spring and Autumn on the Ancient Road

285. Dharma Hall Discourse

The arrival of geese and the flight of nightingales are both the Buddha work [of Sakyamuni] at Jetavana Vihara.  The opening flowers and reddening leaves are nothing other than the family style [of Bodhidharma] at Shaolin temple.  People who have fully attained like this directly mount the sounds and straddle the colors, transcend seeing and go beyond hearing, and freshly join with others.

Tell me, what were the practice activities of Vipasyin Buddha?

After a pause Dogen said:  Movement and appearances uphold the ancient road, no [longer] sinking into debilitating activities.

Dogen’s Extensive Record, Taigen Dan Leighton and Shohaku Okumura, trans.  p.270



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