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by on December 30, 2014

The Seal Script version of Ocean has several meanings. If we look at the origin of the pictograph, it translated as the birthplace of humans. Notice the 2 short diagonal lines on the lower half of the staff on the right character. These lines represent a female’s breast. The left side of the character is often translated as flowing water. Together, out of the flowing waters the birth of man.

A friend in Japan translated this character as “umi” or between us, wonderful, wondrous. Consider the Ocean of Reality, a phrase used for Oneness, Suchness, the source of myriad forms. How wonderful and wondrous is Just This! Each of us can experience “ocean” when we let go of our small self and allow the “Ocean of Reality” to come forth. With a daily practice of meditation, our life is transformed. There is no separation between self and other. Just ocean supporting us.

Thank you.

'Ocean' written in Seal Script

‘Ocean’ written in Seal Script


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